Sustainability initiatives have always been at the heart of YHS.  Having  been  in  the  fast  moving  consumer  goods (“FMCG”)  business  for  more  than  a  century,  YHS  is committed  to  sustainable  long-term  growth  across  its businesses.

Our vision for sustainability is embedded in our operating strategy where we maintain robust governance structures; optimise resource use; minimise environmental footprint; invest  in  our  people;  manufacture  high  quality  food  and beverages  for  our  consumers;  and  contribute  to  local communities.

Our sustainability values have formed the bedrock of our sustainability  strategy  over  the  years  and  have  acted  as the  guiding  principles  in  the  business  decisions  that  we  make.

Sustainability is a key success factor to grow our business as  our  consumers  and  stakeholders  are  increasingly expecting high standards in our products. This pursuit for sustainability  excellence  is  backed  by  our  sustainability values  which  emphasise  on  integrity,  diligence  as  well as  unity  across  the  functions  as  we  work  towards  our sustainability goals.

As YHS has always embedded sustainable practices in its activities, it welcomes the release of the SGX sustainability reporting  guidelines  issued  by  SGX  in  July  2016.  This initiative  has  provided  us  the  platform  to  formalise  our sustainability  policies  and  procedures;  consolidate  our existing  efforts;  communicate  to  our  stakeholders;  and plan further for the future.

Sustainability Report 2019

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