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Solo Category (13-25 years old)
Registration Fee: SGD$10.00
Group Category (13-25 years old)
Registration Fee: SGD$25.00

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Participant 1 Particulars:
Given Name: Family Name / Surname:
Gender: NRIC No.:
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Guardian’s Name: (if participant is under 18 yrs old)
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I hereby verified that I have sought my guardian’s consent to enter this competition.
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Type of street dance category registration:

Popping Locking Bboying / Bgirling (breaking) Voguing
Punking Krumping House or club dance Rave dance
Jazz dance Others:  

How did you get to know about the H-TWO-O Ultimate Dance Challenge 2012?

Recommended by family and friends Through schools Through Emailer
Through newspapers and magazines Through Bus-Stop advertisements Through Facebook advertisements

Which flavor(s) / variation(s) of H-TWO-O do you prefer?

H-TWO-O Original (Original flavour) H-TWO-O Original (Blackcurrant flavour) Sparkling H-TWO-O (Original flavour)
Sparkling H-TWO-O (Blackcurrant flavour) Sparkling H-TWO-O (Apple flavour) Sparkling H-TWO-O (Pomegranate

Yes, I have read the Exclusion & Indemnity Agreement carefully, understand its terms & conditions and acknowledge that I agreed to            this Agreement voluntarily.

By participating in this event, I agree to abide by the Rules & Regulations set for the H-TWO-O Ultimate Dance Challenge 2013.

• Participant has to be 13 yrs old and above. For participants under 18 yrs old, please seek your Guardian's consent before registration.
• Registration is limited on a first-come first-serve basis. Registration will close at 5pm on 1 July 2013, Monday.
• Registration is accepted only if the Indemnity Form is acknowledged.
• A confirmation will be sent via email once the registration has been confirmed.