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YEO’S brand not only has a well-entrenched presence in the Chinatown of New York to LA, but has been widely successful in meeting the needs and satisfying the palette of the local Americans. Our Asian drinks are simply the best thirst quencher during the hot summer months, whilst our repertoire of culinary sauces & paste bring great taste and convenience for those who want to whip up quick and delicious Asian meals in just minutes!

Asian Drinks
 SOY MILK  250ml (8.45 fl.oz.), 300ml (10.1 fl. oz.), 330ml (11.16 fl. oz.), 1 litre (33.81 fl. oz.)
 (Made from Canadian Whole Soy Beans, Non-GMO, Source of Protein & Gluten-Free)
 Soymilk Unsweetened  1 litre (33.81 fl. oz.)
 Soy Bean Drink  250ml (8.45 fl.oz.)
 Black Soy Milk  250ml (8.45 fl.oz.)
 Green Bean Soy Drink  250ml (8.45 fl.oz.)

Tea Range
 Chrysanthemum Tea  250ml (8.45 fl.oz.), 300ml (10.1 fl. oz.), 330ml (11.16 fl. oz.), 480ml (16.23 fl. Oz.)
 White Gourd Drink  250ml, 300ml, 330ml, 480ml
 Sugar Cane Drink  250ml, 300ml, 330ml, 480ml
 Lychee Drink  250ml, 300ml, 330ml
 Ice Green Tea  250ml, 300ml, 330ml
 Ice Lemon Tea  250ml
 Snow Pear Tea Drink  300ml, 330ml

 Grass Jelly Drink  300ml

Canned Food - Culinary Sauce
 BBQ Satay Sauce  250ml
 Fried Rice Sauce  170ml (5.75 fl. oz.)
 Hot Bean Sauce  250ml
 Black Pepper Sauce  250ml

 Sweet Chilli Sauce  150ml (5.07 fl. oz.), 375ml (12.68 fl. oz.)
 Hot Chilli Sauce  150ml, 375ml
 Pure Sesame Oil  150ml, 375ml

 Kaya Coconut  150ml, 400ml (13.53 fl. oz.)

 Singapore Curry Gravy  150ml, 400ml
 Malaysia Curry Powder  50g
 Minced Prawns in Spices  160g
 Salted Soya Beans  450g

Irvine (UCI) Charity Event, University of California

YEO’S sponsored KABA MODERN LEGACY dance team (from MTV America’s Best Dance Crew) to help raise funds for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and Children’s Miracle Network.

As a token of appreciation, MTV’s Kaba Modern & Legacy performed a dance video exclusively for YEO'S.

Life Festival 2008, Toronto, Canada

Popular Executive Chef in Canada, Chef Cedric Tovar, did a live cooking demonstration on Lifefest on the making of delectable BBQ Satay Skewers using YEO’S BBQ Satay Sauce.  Lifefest is broadcast nationwide on Canada’s Breakfast TV show and is the largest and most inspiring show for women.

YEO’S Scholarship Awards Contest

YEO’S played a part in supporting early childhood education with its Scholarship Awards Contest held in 2008.