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YEO’S has successfully established itself well in the Australia market and the products are a familiar sight not only in Asian stores, but also on the retail shelves of mainstream supermarkets.
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Singapore Street Food Hawker Market

Promotion Date: 6-Apr-2016 to 9-Apr-2016

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YEO’S Sesame Oil favored by the local Australians is not only used in Oriental cooking for marinades, but also dressing for salads. Spicy Curry Sauce can be easily used to whip up a meal in just minutes by simply tossing some vegetables into the gravy or cooked with chicken and potatoes. No wonder the Australians find YEO'S sauces a must-have in their kitchen.

Asian Drinks & Ready-to-Drink Tea

 Soy Bean Drink   250ml, 300ml, 1 LTR
 Chrysanthemum Tea   250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 1.5 LTR
 Winter Melon Tea   250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 1.5 LTR
 Lychee Drink  250ml, 300ml
 Sugar Cane Drink  250ml, 300ml
 Grass Jelly Drink  300ml
 Ice Green Tea  250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 1.5 LTR
 Ice Lemon Tea     250ml, 300ml
 Black Soy Drink  250ml
 Cheng Bou Leong Herbal Tea   300ml

Culinary Sauces

 Sambal Oeleck (gluten free)  250ml
 Satay Sauce (gluten free & dairy free)  250ml


 Chilli Sauce with Garlic (gluten free)  300ml
 Sweet Chilli Sauce (gluten free)  300ml
 Hot Chilli Sauce (gluten free)  300ml
 Pure Sesame Oil (gluten free & dairy free)  150ml, 375ml, 640ml
 Light Soya Sauce  640ml
 Dark Soya Sauce    640ml

Culinary Pastes

 Laksa Paste (gluten free & dairy free)  185g
 Nasi Goreng Paste  190g

Canned Curries

 Malaysia Mild Curry Sauce
 (gluten free & dairy free)
 400ml / 410g
 Singapore Curry Gravy (gluten free & dairy free)  400ml / 410g
 Singapore Hot Curry Sauce
 (gluten free & dairy free)
 400ml / 410g

Canned Food

 Minced Prawns in Spices  160g
 Salted Soya Beans  450g


 Kaya Coconut Spread  500g
 Kaya Coconut Spread, Pandan Flavour  330g